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News & Updates

News & Updates

TNC Everlight Phils. and Kryptonwire

TNC Everlight Phils. has just signed Kryptonwire for the customization of its Accounting and Inventory System. Read More

News & Updates

Kryptonwire to upgrade MLM Solutions

Kryptonwire is now upgrading its Multi-level Marketing System. The Binary and Unilevel Marketing system is now more easy-to-use and more dynamic for clents and client's members. Read More

About Us

KryptonWire is composed of 3 talented individuals who dedicated themselves in the field of Web Design and Development. Nowadays, web design and development companies are continue growing in numbers because we all know that in this industry, Information Technology is in the top market. We can’t avoid competition with each other. In this scenario, we will prove that we are the best in what we do not only in our beloved country Philippines but also to the whole world.

Although that we are a new formed group, we will prove to you all that we can meet your needs and expectations with regards to your web design and development requirements. We are the best in what we do not only in words but also in actions.

We consist of:

  1. Project Manager

    - Responsible in marketing and dealing with the clients
    - Responsible for preparing the initial requirements and data for any projects
  2. Senior Web Designer

    - Responsible in creating advance creative elements, concepts, storyboard and web design layout for the client
    - Responsible for converting the web design layout in XHTML /HTML files
    - Responsible in creating advance Flash Animation effects that give spice and make a website more interesting
  3. Senior Web Developer

    - Responsible for the back-end programming and functionality of a website
    - Responsible in creating CMS (Customer Management System)
    - Responsible in testing, quality checking with regards to the functionality of the website

If you like to know more about our services, please click here.